We have got in touch with the descendants of "Kinshiro Kato"(1880-1954) after looking for them in this home page !


    I have got a letter from John S. Kato who is the son of Mr. Kinshiro Kato on Feb. the 6th in 2007. He says one of his nephew son found this part of the home page. I was surprised at the technology of finding his name "Kinshirou Kato" in a huge number of the home pages in the world, each of which contains a number of the keywords, within a few seconds. Now we, living in Japan, are united with the new relatives, living in the United States.

Kinshiro KATO (1880-1954) was born in Japan, joined the Salvation Army and immigrated to the United States in his youth. From what we have learned, Kinshiro was a barber and lived in 505 N 15St., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He departed from this life in Aug. 26, 1954. He was buried in Chelten Hills Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
    It is said that he got married and had at least two sons. Shigeru Haraga(?), the elder son was born in 1921, and Seiichi Kato, the younger son was born in 1929.
    We are looking for them and their descendants. Any information is valuable to us. If you have any information about our relatives, please contact us by the mail below.


Kato family relation


    This picture of Kinshiro Kato was photographed in 1919, and was given to my father Hideo Kato.
    We remember that he sent us the Bible and some literature from the United States.


    There is a note on back of this picture which says "the elder(first) son, Shigeru Haraga(?), born in 1921 / the younger(second) son, Seiichi Kato, born in 1929.
    We don't know which one, but after the World War II, son of Kinshiro came to Japan as an American soldier and met with some of their relatives.


    This picture in right is Junitsuro, and in center is Ryo, parents of Kinshiro Kato. In the left is Shozaburo (or Shosaburo) who is twin brother of Kinshiro.


    This picture is Shozaburo (or Shosaburo), twin brother of Kinshiro. He graduated from University in the United States. Worked for a bank in Taiwan. But unfortunately, he passed away when he was in the age of 34, Feb. 22, 1913.


    This picture is Jiro Kato, second oldest brother of Kinshiro. He became a dentist, but he also died young.








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